Sippy Status

Sippy 'Stay Hydrated' Shirt - Status!

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Let's break it down step by step, from blanks to the finished product, all done by hand.

The Blanks

We take our blanks and hand dye them mint green, this creates the clean yet worn look from the concept, whilst also making it a more unique colour.

This step went nearly flawlessly with the exception of a few pigment rejects.

Re-orders of the rejected shirts are currently held up due to complications, this should be solved soon!


The Front Print

This step of the process has gone smoothly! Nothing negative to report here, in fact here's how it looks!

The Back Print

Now, this is where we arrive at our main issue, a small imperfection with our printing setup is causing the final colour, the black outline, to bleed and cause visual imperfections through the design.

This does not meet the quality we aim to achieve here at SLIMEwear, and we are going to solve it.

We have ordered the necessary parts to fix this issue but due to the pandemic we currently are unsure of when they will arrive. This Page Will Be Updated When This Changes!


New Extras!

We understand that this is all very fustrating and an extreme annoyance, we want to get these shirts in your hands as soon as possible!
But we're no longer sending them alone! To compensate everyone who ordered, we're adding extra goodies like stickers and tote bags to each shipment! And be sure to use the discount code, we'll keep it live through our next drop!

These goodies will be shown off here when they are designed and ready! Stay tuned!